The most beautiful landscapes worldwide where you may want to live

If you decided to change your life, you might consider packing your luggage and start the great search for unique places in the world, to begin a new life. The planet abounds in exotic and extremely beautiful landscapes. You can be easily stunned by their wondrous views and amazing vibes that are beyond any imagination. Here are some breath-taking global landscapes that provide endless emotions and create life fulfilment.

1. Madeira Islands. The archipelago is a Portuguese marvel with amazing nature and mild weather. If you are an adventure lover and adore hot summers this can be your choice. The islands have wonderful landscapes with moss-covered mountains, abrupt cliffs and orange-roofed coastal houses. These all create a wonderful contrast with the ocean, that boasts daily a glossy surface from the sunrises. You can take a trip to the centre of the island, climbing rocky trails and paths, while enjoying the beauties of the Laurissilva Forest. On the top of the mountains opens up the breath-taking scenery of the island’s nature. This place will give you a life full of emotions, limitless happiness and a relentless spirit of adventure.

2. Faroe Islands.Switching from an intense lifestyle to something more peaceful and remote spiritually. Located far away from Europe’s mainland, in the North, Faroe Islands is perfect for those who seek a silence-driven environment, detached from the disturbing noise of crammed cities. Here one can find mystic and trance-inducing landscapes with unspoiled and distorted relief, bumpy hills and no trees on the way. These simply cannot grow due to strong winds and poor sunlight. Taking a walk, you will notice on your way numerous waterfalls that amazingly flow into one another. The villages, sparsely spread across the islands, create a unique vibe and an inspiring contrast with the wild nature. The small houses, whose roofs are colored in yellow, red and blue, render a sense of comfort and peace of soul.

3. Tuscany, Italy.This is a wonderful place where civilisation blends in a subtle way with nature. A special location in Italy where life is boiling with a vibrant atmosphere that inspires and charges with positive energy. The region boasts an alluring combination of renaissance architecture with breath-taking nature. Majestic houses and castles rise proudly upon the hills to throw a look at the sprawled vineyards and picturesque landscapes. Also, you can get enjoyable views of vast chestnut and oak forests. Areas like San Gimignano give the chance to admire intact medieval towers and fortresses This gets you in touch with history, making up for a unique lifetime experience.

4. The Seychelles.This is a bunch of islands in Africa with striking exotic landscapes. The islands abound in unspoiled beaches and forests that are surrounded by transparent water of the Indian Ocean. The wild and untouched nature, outlined perfectly by the blue water, gives birth to fascinating landscapes that make you speechless. There are some options on the stunning Seychelles, for your accommodation. You can choose a luxurious villa, situated on the shore, with a spectacular ocean view. Otherwise, you opt for primordial huts built the heart of the forest that give a sensation of complete harmony with nature. Both ways, though, will ensure you a lifelong relaxation and fulfilment on the archipelago, if you go to live there.