For Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For 2017

The interiors of your house deserve equal sophistication to your exteriors. A well decorated house is a piece of art and admiration for your guests. Bright and colorful decor combined with class and sophisticated design adds greater value to your home. With pleasant interior design techniques, your home will not just serve as a roof over your head but also somewhere you can receive inspiration to face ordinary life challenges. So, how about making your home vibrant in 2017 with these 4 cool interior design ideas?

1. Portable shelves

Ever since modular kitchen came into existence, interior designers have always been wondering what the next innovation would be as far as our kitchens go. The next design changer is the use of portable shelves in your kitchen. With these shelves, your kitchen looks amazing, the dishes don’t look stuffed into one place and your kitchen gives a more organised and cleaner outlook.

The shelves can be attached to the wall, only as many as you need. If you need more for a party or to show off your crockery collection to your guests, you can add them to the wall and make a good showcase.

2. Mix and Match

It’s the era for mix and match furniture. Nowadays people tend to the purchase of standard old furniture sets. Instead, they go for a furniture set that they have created on their own using their imagination. The furniture looks fresh and unique in every home. You could select one or two couches that go well with the other two couches and compliment the designs of each other.

For the centre table, instead of settling for the standard glass square design, you can get an oval shaped glass or wooden table that will add creativity to the living room.

3. Pleasing walls

Sometimes, even after perfectly decorating your home, there are certain things that prove hard to take care of, such as walls that do not suit the garden. But now, you can do something about it. Adding timber screens to the wall gives it a casual and cosy look .Plus, it will brighten up your garden so it does not look too dull and un-inspirational.

It will not diminish the beauty of your garden but only add to the refreshment you are trying to bring on. You can also place a few pots and little plants in the spaces of the wall and include it as a part of the garden.

4. Bathroom creativity

For years, house owners have focussed on designing the interiors of the house but they never paid due attention to the bathroom. However, the interior design professionals have now invented something spectacular in the form of offset basins.

Yes! Now you can design your bathrooms too and not just with fancy bathtubs and other regular fixtures but with the new offset basin that saves up a lot of space. Even better, it can be closed off after use, is free from moisture and the taps are not visible which gives a whole new look to your bathroom.

Feel free to put these ideas into practise and make your house look stunning all over. Don’t forget to throw a party so your friends and family can compliment you and your creativity.