Best Man Cave Devices for 2017

When all he breaks loose at work and at home the man cave provides a safe refuge for you and your boys. Therefore, cool devices must be in there. They will make the place interesting and fun to be at. But what devices should you have in there? This is 2017 and there are many devices to choose from. Which one should you settle for? Here are out top picks:

Smart TV

A smart TV will keep you entertained when you lock yourself up in the man cave for some alone time. Do not just get any TV though. Find something that is worth being in a man cave. A good option is the Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD TV. The curved screen gives crystal clear pictures. With smart TV capabilities you will be able to watch movies, games and TV shows both online and offline. To help enjoy the game even more, get the LG ProBeam projector that allows you to increase the screen size to 100 inches with the same picture quality. The projector itself can operate as a smart TV and connects to Bluetooth speakers.

Universal remote

When there are too many remotes to worry about, the chances of forgetting where they are stored are very high. Now you can use just one remote to take care of everything. The sevenHugs smart remote will help you control all the smart devices there are in the room from the thermostats to the TV. This remote can even order Uber and it is incredibly affordable.

Fridge and cooler

When it comes to having a good time, a warm drink is not what people envision. We all want a cold beer or soft drink that makes us feel great. There are many devices you can choose for this purpose. If you are looking for one that can store many drinks and is easy to control, get the Vinotech mirrored touch screen beverage cooler. You can also opt for a mini vending fridge or get remote controlled rolling beverage cooler by Hammacher Schlemmer. The latter will only hold six cans but it will save you the many trips to the fridge.

Exercise equipment

Being in the man cave is not just about relaxing and eating. You also need to set aside some time to exercise in there. Get some good equipment to help you stay healthy. A good option is climbing wall treadmill that will help you do a full body workout without having to leave the room.

Virtual assistant

Every man needs a personal assistant to remind them of all the things they need to do. But bringing an assistant in person can be too expensive and disturbing. So, the next best option is to get a virtual assistant. A good choice is the Amazon Echo which is a voice controlled device that will tell you of the latest news, sports and much more. It is compatible with most smart home systems and devices.

Security devices

The security of your man cave should never be taken for granted. Use smart locks to access the room and home security devices to keep track on all who get in. Try the Aura Home Security device that will secure the place without capturing images which often invades privacy.