Top 10 Best countryside towns to live in Europe

Let’s take a look at some of the best countryside towns that Europe has to offer!

1.Pučišća, Croatia

This little town on the Brača island doesn’t have many inhabitants and is very quaint. The weather is sunny, almost all year long and the town is known for its amazing views that often have been left untouched by humans.

2.Giethoorn, The Netherlands

Giethoorn is another little countryside town that deserves to be on this list. This little town is known for its beautiful assortment of tulips and its kind inhabitants. Furthermore, there are some lovely canals and ditches located in the town, and they could easily be used as perfect places to stroll around a little!

3.Filzmoos, Austria

This little countryside town has remained very authentic to this day. The inhabitants mostly are able to make a living because of their earnings from agriculture. What’s especially fun and peculiar about this little town, is that the inhabitants come out on the streets while dressed in authentic folk clothes at least once a week.

4.Mannichswalde, Germany

Next up, there’s the German little town of Mannichswalde! It’s the home to less than 1000 inhabitants but still is able to get a lot of tourism. When looking up “countryside town” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Mannichswalde because it meets the description perfectly! Mannichswalde is a great place to live because the people there really form a community.

5.Biertan, Romania

Romania has a great assortment of little countryside towns and one, in particular, that would be great to live in, would be Biertan. This countryside town has a stunning town square and is overall very rural and quiet, so it’s the perfect place to live in for families especially!

6.San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy

San Quirico d’Orcia is a small countryside town in the region of Tuscany in Italy. It has about 2500 inhabitants and you could visit some magnificent churches while you’re there. This town is most known for its beautiful landscapes and it owes that reputation to the many farming fields that can be found there.

7.Whitebridge, Scotland

When it comes to countryside towns, Scotland is a country that definitely should not be overlooked! Whitebridge is a very, small quaint town and the majority of the people there are farmers. There’s not a lot to do there, but it’s a great place to live if you’re really keen on some well-deserved peace and quiet.

8.Conwy, Wales

Wales has many countryside towns, Conwy being one of them. Although it’s located on the coast, the inhabitants organize a big market every week where they trade all of their farming products. When living in this picturesque town, you really will find that the people there are very close and that’s always a plus, isn’t it?

9.Roussillon, France

Roussillon is a very rural countryside town in the Provence region in France. It’s the home to a little more than a thousand people that mostly make a living by working in agriculture. This town has a lot of great qualities, but the best thing about it is that you will be truly blown away by all the amazing views to be seen!

10.Trpejca, Macedonia

Last, but not least: Trpejca. This little fishing village may not be truly a countryside town, but it’s very cosy and an overall great place to live!

The Best Rural Areas To Own A Quiet Home

Living rural can bring a lot of new and exciting experiences. From the clean air to the silent field, you can enjoy a lasting essence of peace as you watch your family flourish in these conducive environment. With the growth in the real estate industries, rural homes have now been made available for all and sundry to enjoy. You no longer have to persevere the noisy and corroded nature of the city, when you can buy a rural home and prevail solace. Checking for a rural home is not enough, you need to consider many factors before umping into the country’.

Matters concerning, resources, amenities, remoteness and safety should ring in your head before you go country. A good rural home takes into consideration, the availability of resources, social amenities and the reachability of your home. Without this, your rural life might be transformed into torturous solitude that may hinder you from connecting with the world. In this article we will take you through three amazing rural places in the United States, that are not only quiet but also legit for raising a good family amidst the beauty, country life has to provide.

1. Fauquier County VA.

For a place well invested in art and culture, you can be certain of an ecstatic stay when you buy a home in Fauquier. The place anchors in a beautiful and unique terrain accompanied with some great history that will leave you mesmerized. This does not go without mentioning the great investment the county has put on education, spending over $12,297 per student in public schools. The median home cost for these houses ranges around $366,100 with a 5.04% appreciation for the last ten years. This is a place definitely growing amidst the rich art and history is has to offer.

2. Oconee county GA.

The area combines the state of peaceful ventures and young energy. Well known for its educated population, the area comprises many professionals who are ready to offer their viable services to you and your family. With a median age of 39, you can only imagine the energy you’ll find in this place. The area hosts loads of college town and civilian amenities that will salvage you from the verge of solitude. The place is recently increasing its employment rate and depicts signs of economic strengths in years to come. Houses here cost $276,400 and have an appreciation rate of 7.94% for the last 10 years.

3. Grafton county NH.

Grafton hosts a beautiful terrain with great art at tow. When you move to this area, you will enjoy the beauty and nice climate found in Grafton. With the county’s high investment on education, your young ones will benefit from the quality study standards set by this area. This owing to the fact that $19,198 is spent per student in public school, yet the average American expenditure on education amounts to $12,383 per student. The average cost of houses in this area ranges from $199,700 with a home appreciation of 6.97% for the last 10 years.

Living in the country brings with it peace, history, art and culture. What better way to live life to the fullest, than having a home surrounded in a fresh, clean environment. A place where your family can flourish while enjoying every gift, Mother Nature has to offer.

The most beautiful landscapes worldwide where you may want to live

If you decided to change your life, you might consider packing your luggage and start the great search for unique places in the world, to begin a new life. The planet abounds in exotic and extremely beautiful landscapes. You can be easily stunned by their wondrous views and amazing vibes that are beyond any imagination. Here are some breath-taking global landscapes that provide endless emotions and create life fulfilment.

1. Madeira Islands. The archipelago is a Portuguese marvel with amazing nature and mild weather. If you are an adventure lover and adore hot summers this can be your choice. The islands have wonderful landscapes with moss-covered mountains, abrupt cliffs and orange-roofed coastal houses. These all create a wonderful contrast with the ocean, that boasts daily a glossy surface from the sunrises. You can take a trip to the centre of the island, climbing rocky trails and paths, while enjoying the beauties of the Laurissilva Forest. On the top of the mountains opens up the breath-taking scenery of the island’s nature. This place will give you a life full of emotions, limitless happiness and a relentless spirit of adventure.

2. Faroe Islands.Switching from an intense lifestyle to something more peaceful and remote spiritually. Located far away from Europe’s mainland, in the North, Faroe Islands is perfect for those who seek a silence-driven environment, detached from the disturbing noise of crammed cities. Here one can find mystic and trance-inducing landscapes with unspoiled and distorted relief, bumpy hills and no trees on the way. These simply cannot grow due to strong winds and poor sunlight. Taking a walk, you will notice on your way numerous waterfalls that amazingly flow into one another. The villages, sparsely spread across the islands, create a unique vibe and an inspiring contrast with the wild nature. The small houses, whose roofs are colored in yellow, red and blue, render a sense of comfort and peace of soul.

3. Tuscany, Italy.This is a wonderful place where civilisation blends in a subtle way with nature. A special location in Italy where life is boiling with a vibrant atmosphere that inspires and charges with positive energy. The region boasts an alluring combination of renaissance architecture with breath-taking nature. Majestic houses and castles rise proudly upon the hills to throw a look at the sprawled vineyards and picturesque landscapes. Also, you can get enjoyable views of vast chestnut and oak forests. Areas like San Gimignano give the chance to admire intact medieval towers and fortresses This gets you in touch with history, making up for a unique lifetime experience.

4. The Seychelles.This is a bunch of islands in Africa with striking exotic landscapes. The islands abound in unspoiled beaches and forests that are surrounded by transparent water of the Indian Ocean. The wild and untouched nature, outlined perfectly by the blue water, gives birth to fascinating landscapes that make you speechless. There are some options on the stunning Seychelles, for your accommodation. You can choose a luxurious villa, situated on the shore, with a spectacular ocean view. Otherwise, you opt for primordial huts built the heart of the forest that give a sensation of complete harmony with nature. Both ways, though, will ensure you a lifelong relaxation and fulfilment on the archipelago, if you go to live there.

Having a Trendy and Modern Interior Design without an Interior Design

While magazines, the internet, and Pintrest offer hundreds upon thousands of ways for modern and
trendy designs, bringing those designs to life is a whole other story. Unless you know what to look for. Interior designer use both experience and a keen eye to details when creating their masterpieces but also charge a pretty penny. Knowing some of the tricks of their trade can help you in having a trendy and modern interior design without an interior designer.

Pick a Color

Professional designers will tell you to always start with a color scheme and build from there. Similar
to creating a palette for a piece of art. You should pick one main neutral color (shades of whites, browns, greens, or even greys) and then a few accent colors. Having one bright color with the others being halfway between that and the neutral make for a well-balanced color scheme.

Height Matters

The height of your furniture will help a space either feel larger or smaller. Lower furniture
creates the illusion of tall ceilings whereas taller furniture automatically makes a room more compact and cozy. Mirrors of varying lengths can also help add to the spaciousness of a room. Full length wall mirrors can feel like they add on a whole other room while several small mirrors make the head-level area ofthe room feel bigger.


Creating contrast in a room will bring a professional aesthetic quality to your design. Contrast can
be made through colors, patterns, shapes, or even types of lighting. By having a dramatic color that stands out among the rest of your palette, you can create a focal point in the room. Varying your patterns such as heavily patterned pillows on a plain sofa or chair also enhances the ambiance.

Finally, natural light versus synthetic will change the mood of the design dramatically. Natural light
brings out colors and patterns and generally makes a room feel more open and inviting. Synthetic light will dim colors and obscure patterns while also creating a more intimate environment.

Finishes and Trims

The details always matter in an interior design. Finishes and trims can add an extra quality to
your interior designs and are an affordable aspect to change. Professional designers suggest adding color to your trims around windows and doors to bring out little “pops” of color. The trim around photographs and paintings can also have a huge effect and help create cohesiveness in a room as well as its color palette.

Finishes on chairs, sofas, furniture, and lighting can often times make or break a design. Consider
what kind of finish you’d prefer whether that be metal, wood, shiny, high-gloss, etc. Try to coordinate this throughout the room. This will allow your color palette to stand out and the room to feel complete rather than haphazard. If you have a dramatic contrasting piece, make that the only one in
the room with everything else having a more consistent cohesion.

10 Home Renovation Disasters you should avoid

Turning your home into a home requires a lot of hard work, a good eye, and a sharp mind. The bay windows that you want to set up in the living room, the bath you would like to place in the bathroom, and the hardwood floors you want to set up in the living room can be a design challenge and a nightmare for yourself. Remodeling is a stressful business and it is best to avoid these 10 mistakes while renovating your home.

1. Purchase of cheap materials

One of the biggest (and meanest) mistakes you can make when renovating your home is buying cheap materials. Compromises in the quality of materials used in renovations defeat the entire purpose of the renovation. Be wary of cheap substances as this will only increase your expenses in the long run.

2. Inaccurate measurements

Accurate measurements are extremely important when rebuilding your home. If your measurements deviate by one centimeter, the renovation will be uneven and asymmetrical. Keep in mind that accurate measurements are the basis for pricing and sourcing materials and other resources. It is a core element in any renovation project, and you should not be wrong about it.

3. Use the wrong tools

Make sure you invest in the right tools. Using the tools incorrectly or buying the wrong tools can be harmful to you or your environment. Be very careful and research before buying renovation equipment.

5. Underestimate costs

Keep in mind that regardless of how well you have budgeted your remodeling project, you have to bear unforeseen costs. Problems creep in when you start the renovation. Make sure your account takes these extra costs into account when creating your budget. Cost overruns are a cliché and you could blow up your budget. Make sure you add an additional 20 percent to your cost calculations.

6. Ignore rules and regulations

Do not undertake projects without observing local laws. Some remodeling projects require approval, and laws vary from place to place. Ask the local authority if you need permission to plan and build.

7. Forgot about security

Your safety is the key. Make sure you are well equipped with goggles and gloves to protect yourself from sharp tools and the like. In case of emergency, keep a first aid kit. And remember to be careful.

8. Hire the wrong contractor

While contractors may be experts in the nitty-gritty of the remodeling process, you are the expert when it comes to knowing what you want from the renovations. Make sure you hire a contractor who understands your needs and requirements.

9. Accept more than you can handle

Do not bite more than you can chew. Taking shortcuts and having no plan can lead to unsatisfactory and sloppy work. You must approach the project in an organized manner, with a clear goal of what you want to achieve.

10. Give the cheapest provider

If you want what’s best for your home, then you want the best contractor. Do not limit your choices by choosing a contractor that charges a more than affordable fee. Receive written estimates from at least three to four contractors and then make your decision. These estimates should relate to details of the cost of the permit, the waste management plan, the insurance, the handling of the designs, and so on.

For Beautiful Interior Design Ideas For 2017

The interiors of your house deserve equal sophistication to your exteriors. A well decorated house is a piece of art and admiration for your guests. Bright and colorful decor combined with class and sophisticated design adds greater value to your home. With pleasant interior design techniques, your home will not just serve as a roof over your head but also somewhere you can receive inspiration to face ordinary life challenges. So, how about making your home vibrant in 2017 with these 4 cool interior design ideas?

1. Portable shelves

Ever since modular kitchen came into existence, interior designers have always been wondering what the next innovation would be as far as our kitchens go. The next design changer is the use of portable shelves in your kitchen. With these shelves, your kitchen looks amazing, the dishes don’t look stuffed into one place and your kitchen gives a more organised and cleaner outlook.

The shelves can be attached to the wall, only as many as you need. If you need more for a party or to show off your crockery collection to your guests, you can add them to the wall and make a good showcase.

2. Mix and Match

It’s the era for mix and match furniture. Nowadays people tend to the purchase of standard old furniture sets. Instead, they go for a furniture set that they have created on their own using their imagination. The furniture looks fresh and unique in every home. You could select one or two couches that go well with the other two couches and compliment the designs of each other.

For the centre table, instead of settling for the standard glass square design, you can get an oval shaped glass or wooden table that will add creativity to the living room.

3. Pleasing walls

Sometimes, even after perfectly decorating your home, there are certain things that prove hard to take care of, such as walls that do not suit the garden. But now, you can do something about it. Adding timber screens to the wall gives it a casual and cosy look .Plus, it will brighten up your garden so it does not look too dull and un-inspirational.

It will not diminish the beauty of your garden but only add to the refreshment you are trying to bring on. You can also place a few pots and little plants in the spaces of the wall and include it as a part of the garden.

4. Bathroom creativity

For years, house owners have focussed on designing the interiors of the house but they never paid due attention to the bathroom. However, the interior design professionals have now invented something spectacular in the form of offset basins.

Yes! Now you can design your bathrooms too and not just with fancy bathtubs and other regular fixtures but with the new offset basin that saves up a lot of space. Even better, it can be closed off after use, is free from moisture and the taps are not visible which gives a whole new look to your bathroom.

Feel free to put these ideas into practise and make your house look stunning all over. Don’t forget to throw a party so your friends and family can compliment you and your creativity.

Best Man Cave Devices for 2017

When all he breaks loose at work and at home the man cave provides a safe refuge for you and your boys. Therefore, cool devices must be in there. They will make the place interesting and fun to be at. But what devices should you have in there? This is 2017 and there are many devices to choose from. Which one should you settle for? Here are out top picks:

Smart TV

A smart TV will keep you entertained when you lock yourself up in the man cave for some alone time. Do not just get any TV though. Find something that is worth being in a man cave. A good option is the Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD TV. The curved screen gives crystal clear pictures. With smart TV capabilities you will be able to watch movies, games and TV shows both online and offline. To help enjoy the game even more, get the LG ProBeam projector that allows you to increase the screen size to 100 inches with the same picture quality. The projector itself can operate as a smart TV and connects to Bluetooth speakers.

Universal remote

When there are too many remotes to worry about, the chances of forgetting where they are stored are very high. Now you can use just one remote to take care of everything. The sevenHugs smart remote will help you control all the smart devices there are in the room from the thermostats to the TV. This remote can even order Uber and it is incredibly affordable.

Fridge and cooler

When it comes to having a good time, a warm drink is not what people envision. We all want a cold beer or soft drink that makes us feel great. There are many devices you can choose for this purpose. If you are looking for one that can store many drinks and is easy to control, get the Vinotech mirrored touch screen beverage cooler. You can also opt for a mini vending fridge or get remote controlled rolling beverage cooler by Hammacher Schlemmer. The latter will only hold six cans but it will save you the many trips to the fridge.

Exercise equipment

Being in the man cave is not just about relaxing and eating. You also need to set aside some time to exercise in there. Get some good equipment to help you stay healthy. A good option is climbing wall treadmill that will help you do a full body workout without having to leave the room.

Virtual assistant

Every man needs a personal assistant to remind them of all the things they need to do. But bringing an assistant in person can be too expensive and disturbing. So, the next best option is to get a virtual assistant. A good choice is the Amazon Echo which is a voice controlled device that will tell you of the latest news, sports and much more. It is compatible with most smart home systems and devices.

Security devices

The security of your man cave should never be taken for granted. Use smart locks to access the room and home security devices to keep track on all who get in. Try the Aura Home Security device that will secure the place without capturing images which often invades privacy.